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Meet the Reef Care Program (RCP)

A complete solution for optimal coral health, accelerated growth & enhanced coral coloration. The program is a result of years of research into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS and soft corals in reef aquariums

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The program explains how to be proactive and control all issues such as nuisance algae, coral growth and even color.

This is done by:
Describing the relationships among the many biological processes taking place in your aquarium and how they are all interrelated.
Specifying the optimum values for all water parameters in different types of aquariums, allowing you to better understand your own particular aquarium.
Including a concise, comprehensive and coherent range of products necessary to achieve and maintain these optimal parameters.

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It is divided into four complimentary sub-programs:

Foundation Elements

Defines and maintains the correctly balanced levels of Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium
Red Sea’s Foundation Elements provides a complete solution for maintaining and replenishing the foundation building blocks of the reef aquarium by providing complete and balanced supplements, formulated to work together for long term use and without changing the ionic balance of the water.


There are two main types of reef systems:
All-in-one plug & play systems, such as Red Sea’s MAX series, that come with all the essential hardware and require minimal assembly.
Reef-ready systems, such as Red Sea’s REEFER series, that do not include any hardware and offer a flexible layout for those who wish to customize their tanks.

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