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Red Sea Salts – Which one is best for your tank?

Choosing the salt that is right for your aquarium is the key to your success.
Both Red Sea Salt and Coral Pro Salt are premium reef mixes, so which one should you use?
What makes Red Sea Salts premium?
Alkalinity of 8 or 12 dKH? How to decide what’s good for your corals?
Is it possible to achieve both vivid colors and amazing growth at the same time?
If you’re looking for answers – this is the blog for you.

Red Sea is the leading global brand of premium reef salts, and for a good reason. Or to be precise, for three good reasons:

The first is our salt’s origin, namely, the Red Sea.
Sodium Chloride, our salts’ major ingredient, is extracted from the pristine waters of the thriving Red Sea coral reef. This reef is home to the world’s largest diversity of fish and corals, with the highest density of corals per area on the planet. Every single grain in our salts contains the trace elements of the living reef itself.

The second reason is the science behind our salts, namely, our formula. Our long-term research has revealed that aquariums – unlike natural reefs – require elevated levels of the foundation elements, a discovery which has since become an industry benchmark.
We therefore enhance our salts with elevated and completely balanced values of the foundation elements, adjusting them to perfectly fit your delicate artificial reef environment.

The third and last factor, is your peace of mind.

Our production process and strict quality control ensure that each and every bucket you get delivers the exact same results, so your fish and corals can enjoy a healthy and stable home.

We offer you two premium reef saltsRed Sea Salt and Coral Pro Salt.
Both salts contain elevated and balanced levels of foundation elements, surpassing the levels found in natural sea water. Determining which one is the right salt for you depends on your objective:

Red Sea Salt is ideal for all reef aquarium types, and when combined with our reef care recipes, Red Sea Salt will maximize pigment saturation to bring out your coral’s most vivid colors, while encouraging growth up to twice the natural rate. Its moderately elevated levels of foundation elements with an alkalinity of 8dKH make it ideal for SPS-dominated mixed reefs.

However, if your goal is to maximize coral growth, then Coral Pro’s higher levels of balanced foundation elements will enhance growth up to four times their natural rate. Coral Pro’s alkalinity of 12dKH keeps LPS and Soft corals looking good and makes mixed reefs easier to maintain.

Check out the Tips & Tricks video on how to mix perfect seawater from Red Sea Salts:

If you want to find out what makes Red Sea salts so unique, check out our Salts video and discover some interesting facts: 

Sharon Ram

Red Sea’s Chief scientist

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