05:40 min

NO₃PO₄-X Tips & Tricks

Nutrient management | Tips and Tricks

Achieving a nutrient-controlled tank with happy corals is crucial. This instructional video provides expert tips on using Red Sea’s NOPOX, a comprehensive, reef-safe solution for nitrate and phosphate reduction.

Topics covered include:

  • Dosing frequency and amounts, with average daily recommendations for various tank types.
  • Importance of testing water for phosphate and nitrate and adjusting doses accordingly.
  • Using test kits and identifying hidden phosphate sources.
  • Implementing NOPOX with a dosing pump and starting in a new tank.
  • Significance of a protein skimmer and monitoring coral health.
  • Managing bacterial blooms, slime, nuisance algae, and Cyano.

Sharon Ram

Red Sea’s Chief scientist