32:00 min

The science behind the 4-Part Supplement Program

4-Part Program| Insights

Sebastian Ruaux from Recifalnews interviews Red Sea’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Sharon Ram, about the 4-part Complete Reef Care Supplement Program, the academically peer-reviewed research, and the important conclusions he learned regarding reef aquarium chemical maintenance. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with one of the leading experts in the field!

Topics covered include:

  • Goals and challenges of developing the program
  • Overview of the research and key findings
  • Reasons for using a four-part structure
  • Comparing Calcium tests and ICP tests
  • Differences between 4-part and 7-part refugium approaches
  • How the ReefDose system fits into the program
  • Dosing by Calcium vs. Alkalinity
  • How to transition to the 4-part system